Mechanical Design & Virtual Prototyping

A highly qualified team of design engineers with many years of experience, equipped with the most current technologies is dedicated to meet the customer's technical objectives and standards in time, cost, and quality, and reflect these in layouts, drawings, 3D models and execution. Existing physical model/prototypes, technical drawings, 3D concept models from industrial designers, or 3D models from other CAD software can be used for mechanical detailing by IdeaLab Design Engineers to create the 3D CAD model. Different CAD software models can be used and transferred for processing via formats like IGES, VDA, STEP, STL, etc., on different types of media or through the Internet.

During the mechanical design process, it is usually necessary to check the model either by rapid prototyping or by virtual prototyping, since it is often too late or too costly to change a specification after a product or its tool is manufactured. If the product is too large and is not easily tested by the usual RP methods, virtual prototyping becomes an essential tool to test its ergonomics, fit, form, function, and mechanics. IdeaLab with the help of experienced engineers Simulation know-how is up to date in most of the virtual prototyping methods available technologically